‘Schroders Investment Conference’

We take the "optical illusion””to express the change of the characteristics in both advantages and disadvantages. The challenge is to effortless, and simplicity but maintain professionalism, then transform the grand issue of the political and economic situation of the country, let Schroeder’s traditional image of calmness injects a digital outlook into the future.

Directed by Bito
Client : 施羅德投資Schroders
Creative Director:劉耕名 Keng-Ming Liu
Design : 劉耕名 Keng-Ming Liu
Producer : 林仲恩 Chung-En Lin
Concept & Script:劉耕名 Keng-Ming Liu/黃心怡 Vicki Huang
Lead Animator : 朱哲頡 Che-Chieh Chu
2D Animation : 朱哲頡 Che-Chieh Chu/曾致勻 Zhi Yun Tseng
3D Animation : 高慶和 Ching-Ho Kao / 陳威霖 Wei Darvish
Music&Sound Design : 三十而立 Sincerely Music