Zhiyun Tseng / 曾致勻 is a collage artist and designer based in Taiwan.

The very special image of the Collage is the combination of different things, such as cutting off, and then pasting up on the same plane. This is a kind of straight feeling, and it is relying on intuitiveness to react. There is no sketch before doing collage, even if there is, the last present is not that kind of thing we think at the beginning.

When I realized the meaning of the collage, it brought me the simple joy every time I cut and paste. I think this is my way to find myself, and where will this road go? Just as human beings are constantly looking for their origins ; the Secrets of the Universe. If I continue to do this thing until a huge amount is accumulated, it will form my universe, so that I know where I am.

l’m not the person that who you see, but the ART is honest.