GASUR / 改世者
「 Gasur is about the power of change 」- Gasur

GASUR / 改世者
Gasur (改世者部) is a space that exists for everyone who want to do something for yourself. Gasur is derived from the homophony of "reform", which also means a child in Scots. What does the "reform" sound such a grand vision have to do with us? We believe that change is the evidence of life. Just like you yesterday is not exactly the same as you today, the world is always advancing in such a change, so we encourage change, no matter good or bad, change is the foundation of existence, and we celebrate this process. Therefore, for us, gasur means facing all the unknown changes with a child’s heart, and we also use this as our vision. What we expect is not just to provide a space for people to exercise, we also want to prepare for a different health Industry for everyone. I hope we can all affirm our own changes and see our value in this ever-changing world.

Client :
Design : ZhiYun Tseng


[BODY BUILDING] We are the foundation of changing the world, the space, the building, the body itself.

A gym who dedicate for change the world beginning from yourself.