Semen, blood
And a warm field

The alkali of the alligator
Rewrites the formula of Chrysopoeia

精液 血液



夢式㈡ 人造人造人
Dreamstroke of Alchemy

The work depicts the tragedy of creating homunculus. It is inspired by the following passage by Paracelsus: »De natura rerum (1537)«

“That the sperm of a man be putrefied by itself in a sealed cucurbit for forty days with the highest degree of putrefaction in a horse's womb, or at least so long that it comes to life and moves itself, and stirs, which is easily observed. After this time, it will look somewhat like a man, but transparent, without a body. If, after this, it be fed wisely with the Arcanum of human blood, and be nourished for up to forty weeks, and be kept in the even heat of the horse's womb, a living human child grows therefrom, with all its members like another child, which is born of a woman, but much smaller.”

Director : Zhiyun Tseng
Wild Out Season Video Festival : oct 11-27, 2019